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$5 Spice Rack Organization

$5 Spice Cabinet Organization

My spice cabinet has been driving me crazy since we moved to our current house (a little over a year). There were soooo many different spices and they’re all in different size/color containers and that kind of thing drives my OCD insane! I like organized uniformity. No chaos. I want to be able to find exactly what I want with as little effort as possible.
Before and After Spice Rack Organization

My entire adult life I’ve used those tiered shelf racks like this:
spice shelfBut the problem is that I can never see the labels of what’s on the middle and top shelf. So I have to take the spices off the shelves in front, or knock over the bottles in the front to get to the back. I don’t like this option.

I also considered these little clip on systems (photo courtesy of foodfamilyfinds.com) that can attach to the inside of the cabinet door.
Clip Spice Rack Organization

The main reason I didn’t go for this option is becuase not all of my spice bottles would fit on these (not uniform). But they are fairly cost effective.

My next option was magnetic spice tins (photo courtesy of instructables.com). I LOVE these because they’re uniform and can be attached to the entire inside walls of the cabinet (with a magnetic lining) leaving the space underneath empty or available for other things. Or you can attach them to your refrigerator (but I don’t like anything on my fridge cluttering it up).
Magnetic Spice Tins

There is ONE reason I didn’t use these – cost. The best price I found for these is $3 each. There are 70 tins in this picture…that’s $210 for spice tins!!! While this may be a great option for some, I certainly can’t afford it.

So my spice cabinet sat untouched like this for months until I could figure out something that would work AND that I could afford.
Before and After Spice Rack Organization

Most of my spices only get used once a year during the holidays so I didn’t need to have them in prominent positions. I really wanted to create uniformity, create space, simplify, and make the entire spice cabinet more efficient. What I came up with I like to call the “Spice Filing System”.  And here’s where the $5 comes in…I only bought 5 items from the dollar store: 1) snack size zipper baggies, 2) three small containers, and 3) a wire stacking shelf. For the labels I used half a sheet of Avery 5195 return address labels that I already had in my office supplies. And this is how it turned out:
Before and After Spice Rack Organization
Literally a filing system for spices. I emptied every spice container into a baggie and put a label on it. Then they got filed alphabetically (OCD style). I ended up with three of these containers. The only spices I left in their containers were the ones I use all the time. Those now have their own place on a small Lazy Susan for fast, easy access.
Before and After Spice Rack OrganizationGetting rid of all those spice containers made so much more room for everything else to have it’s own space. Now everything can be seen and reached without hassle. Mission accomplished!

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