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Kat’s Favorite OCD Cleaning Tips

If you’re like most people, you do not enjoy certain cleaning tasks in your home. Or maybe you don’t enjoy ANY cleaning tasks in your home, so you hire a pro. And in that case, we’re happy to help. But if you’d like to tackle some tasks on your own, here are some of our favorite tips to help you out.

Part of what makes our cleaning so great is the materials we use. My absolute, all-time favorite cleaning product is microfiber cloths. I use them on everything except toilets and ovens. But not just any microfiber cloths, but the Kirkland brand yellow microfiber cloths. For about $12 you get 36 cloths, and for the average homeowner, these will last a long time. When you wash them though, make sure you NEVER use fabric softener or dryer sheets. That will leave a film on the cloths which will then leave you with streaky surfaces.

Now on to those tips!

  1. Hard water on glass shower doors or walls – Oh that hard water! Believe me white_vinegarwhen I say I have tried EVERY hard water remover product on the market. Even commercial grade, specialty cleaners. But the easiest way I’ve found to get the hard water off is simply white vinegar. Put the vinegar in a spray bottle. Make sure shower door/walls are DRY. Spray vinegar and let it sit for AT LEAST 10 minutes. The more hard water you have, the longer it will need to sit. If it starts to dry before you wipe it off, spray it again. When you think you’re ready to wipe, use only clean, dry microfiber cloths to wipe it off. The key here is the DRY cloth. Use as many cloths as you need. This should leave you with beautiful, sparkly clean shower walls and doors! (You may want to turn on the bathroom fan – the smell can be pretty strong.)
  2. Water spots on faucets – If you have brushed chrome/nickel or antiqued copper bath orange-glo baby-oilfixtures, you may find it difficult to get the water spots off. Even after you’ve cleaned them, the spots are still there. I have two products that work equally great – baby oil or Orage Glo Wood Furniture Polish – yes, seriously. Apply the product to your microfiber cloth first, then rub onto the fixture. Water spots gone! And it also helps repel water thus preventing new water spots.
  3. Everyday clutter – Every house has it. Whether it’s a stack of mail, shoes left by thehandle-basket door, or toys scattered throughout the living room, chances are you have clutter lying around. We’ve found that the easiest way to handle this is to put a basket (with a handle) in the main areas where you have the most clutter. As you come across it, put the clutter in the basket. Then pick a day once a week to carry the basket around the house and put things where they actually belong.
  4. Baseboards/light switches – Two jobs that people frequently overlook, yet leftbaseboard-cleaning undone can get out of hand. The easy way to tackle these is to do all of them at once…so get a rag with an all purpose cleaner on it (I like Fabuloso), go into every room and clean every light switch. Don’t get distracted! When you’re done with that, crawl on your hands and knees along the baseboards in every room going in a clockwise rotation (or counter clockwise if you prefer) and get everywhere you can reach. Rinse your cloth after each room and apply the all purpose cleaner again. Depending on the size of your home, these jobs can typically be done fairly quickly.

These are just a few of our favorite cleaning tips. When you hire Your OCDiva, we can of course do all of these things for you and more. Give us a call or fill out the form for your free estimate.

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