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Tips For Cleaning Between Cleanings

Cleaning In The Evening
To avoid growing heaps of things, apply two simple rules:

  1. Nothing stays on the floor! Get used to picking up things instead of letting them lie around.
  2. Evening is tidy time. Before going to sleep at night, organize your room a bit, this way you will wake up in a tidier environment.

Art of Throwing Things Out
Gathering things we don’t really need is often the main problem in keeping space clean. Go through your stuff and look at it with a critical eye. Do you keep magazines because you can find some useful articles? Tear out those articles and throw away the magazines. Do you tend to keep unused clothes in the closet? Think about when was the last time you wore it and sell or donate things you haven’t been wearing for more than a year.

Storage Place
If you have problem with things lying all around your place, it probably means you don’t have enough storage space OR you need to get rid of more stuff. You don’t have to buy an extra closet, you can use plastic storage bins or decorative cloth bins. Divide things into categories: things you use more than once a day, every two or three days and once a week. Things you use less often can be stored for example in boxes kept under your furniture, but things you use frequently have to stay in easy to reach places, otherwise they will come back to lying around as easily as they were put away. Store them in colorful or ornamental boxes, which are a decoration themselves.

Fight With Dust
Most of the dust in your house comes from the outside, so to prevent that from happening use professional nylon mats inside your house and rubber ones outside your entrance. Keep your windows and doors sealed tightly to stop the dust from entering your house through unprotected cracks. For cleaning your house of the dust it’s better to do some vacuuming than to use the feather duster, which only spreads the dust all around the place.

Vacuuming Tip
If you’re not a fan of vacuuming your whole house over and over again, an easy way to keep your place clean is to regularly vacuum only those spaces which are often used, like hallways or paths leading through the room, and vacuum the rest just occasionally. If you keep the main parts clean, the rest of the floor will also seem clean.

Tips for Smokers
If you or any of your family members smoke indoors, you probably have some problems with the odor and smoke stains. To remove the odor from your apartment use some professional deodorizer or a small dish filled with vanilla or vinegar. To get the smoke stains out of your windows, use a mixture of one part of isopropyl alcohol per every five parts of window cleaner. Increase the air circulation in your apartment by ventilating your house on a daily basis.

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